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What's New At the Banderas-Mall - Weekly Update
Links to the latest news about Antonio and newest additions to the Mall

April 10 News
Barcelona - gallery
April 6 News
Small gallery & Expendables 3 trailer
April 2 News
Back in Budapest
April 1 Mall Update
April calendar

March 17 News
LAX - gallery

February 27 News
March calendar
February 13 News
"Automata" photo

January 31 News
"Los 33" - Santiago - gallery/videos
January 31 Mall Update
February Calendar
January 22 News
"Los 33" set photos
January 21 News
At Home

December 30 Mall Update
January Calendar
December 23 News
Happy Holidays!
December 9 News
Los 33 - Columbia - small gallery
December 5 News
LAX - gallery
December 5 News
Studying for "Los 33"
December 1 Mall Update
December Calendar

November 27 News
United Nations video
November 21 News
Queen Sofia Spanish Institute Gold Medal award
November 19 News
Gallery - various events
November 13 News
The new Internet Sensation

October 28 Mall Update
November Calendar
October 16 News
South America/Chile - gallery
October 11 News
SpongeBob pirate - photos
October 4 News
Moscow - gallery/video

September 29 Mall Update
October Calendar
September 21 News
A video link from Maria C.
September 21 News
EL Hormiguero - gallerys/videos
September 20 News
September 13 News
One more gallery - "Justin" premiere
September 12 News
Still in Spain - gallery/video
September 10 News
More London and perfume launch in Madrid-gallery
September 8 News
London - gallery & videos
September 7 News
Saturday Kitchen - BBC
September 3 News
Back in Bulgaria - gallery

August 30 Mall Update
September Calendar
August 24 News
Automata news

August 22 News Another Starlite Gala videos
August 21 News
Starlite Gala videos
August 16 News
Facebook fan page
August 14 News
Technology & Formula 1 Racing in South Dakota

August 10 News 2013 Starlite Gala - gallery and video
August10 News
"Dark tourist" premiere info
August 10 News
Happy Birthday, Antonio!
August 9 News
Melanie gets a birthday gift - gallery
August 9 News
"The Expendables 3"
August 9 News
Nexus promotional appearance
August 8 News
New fragrance, new commercial
August 8 News
Vacation in France
August 6 News
Melanie's "Dark Tour" release
August 1 News
Melanie on Jimmy Kimmel Live


To describe Antonio as a good-looking man would be an understatement, almost an affront. Looks are associated with the surface only. Antonio's beauty is far more than skin deep. He is a beautiful man through to the very essence of his core. Those of us who have had the opportunity to meet him have found him to be a straightforward, generous, kind and decent man. His deep love for Melanie, for his family, for Spain, for his career, for life itself, is a pleasure to behold. He is a true rare breed.

Antonio's presence carries an impact. He is a restless, passionate personality that will not be ignored. One can almost feel the visceral energy flowing from him. He is highly intelligent and enthusiastically interested in everything and everyone around him. His personality is warm and approachable. He is completely uncontrived and genuine. He is funny and optimistic, never jaded or cynical.

He treats other people honestly and frankly. A friend is a friend for life with Antonio. But having said all that, it is Antonio's potent sensuality that overrides most everything else about him, even his good looks. Antonio is a truly sexy man. There is a strong earthy masculinity about him. His intrinsic sexiness is completely real and inborn and unconscious. Charm, charisma and seductiveness draw people to him as a moth to a flame. The promise of sexual fulfillment is strong and undeniable.

Antonio is incredibly talented. He has integrity. He is... Oh dear! We’re going on for too long about Antonio aren't we? Have you guessed how strongly his devoted fans feel about him?