Zorro Returns:
The Sequel to The Mask of Zorro

This fantasy script for the sequel to The Mask of Zorro is being written collectively by Antonio Admirers . If you would like to contribute a scene or an illustration just post your intentions at The Comment Board or contact Susan at suhu@interlog.com. The sequel was started August 23, 1998 and is the property of The Antonio Banderas Web Mall . It is not in any way associated with TriStar pictures or any real movie sequel to The Mask of Zorro that may be in production.

"Zorro Returns" may not be published in part or in whole without permission of the Antonio Banderas Web Mall management.
WARNING: Some scenes contain explicit sexual content and are not appropriate for children.

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SCENES 1 to 5:

"The Stable" by Susan (sexual content)
"The Black Widow" by Debel
"Visitors" by Jillian
"Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright" by Zorro
"Trouble Brewing" by Susan and Sandie (consultant)


SCENES 6 to 10:

SCENES 11 to 15

"The Fiesta" by Debi, Deena and Chrissy (sexual content) "Tiger's Story" by Susan
"The Fire at Dona Carmen's" by Kathleen "Morning Dove" by Lisa
"Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" by Debel "The Practice" by Susan
"He is Needed Again" by Susan (sexual content) "Ship of Fools" by CindyJ (sexual content)
"Zorro and the Lost Children" by Lori Belle "Elena's Dream" by Susan

SCENES 16 to 20:

SCENES 21 to 24:
"The Tiger and the Sparrow" by Deena (sexual content) "Confessions" by Debel
"The Cat's Meow" by Zorro "Zorro -- He Could Be Anywhere" by Debel
"Mariana's Consultation" by Liz and Emmmmaaa "The Crow's Nest" by Debel
"Anything to Protect Him" by Susan J. (sexual content) "The Epilogue" by Susan
"The Secret of the Spanish Gold" by Concha