Casa Cerrado, 1988
(Closed Case)

Director: Juan Cano

Other Actors: Pepe Flores, Patxi Bisquert

Director Juan Cano first saw Antonio on stage in Edward II and was impressed with the young actor. Cano says, "I was very pleased to work with Antonio. He was very disciplined and he got along well with everybody. Pepa Flores, protagonist of the film, was charmed with him and told me: 'Is it possible that I don't have any scenes with the boy?'"

Pepa Flores remembers that Antonio "had a face that attached itself to the camera. He was a good actor, but above all had a special charm. He had that type of charm that either you have or you don't. And he had it, it was clear to see. Juan Cano and I commented on it always: 'This boy is going to arrive where he wants to arrive. Because I don't know what it is but it pierces the camera.'"

Antonio has a small role as a convict in this film.

Related Information

Antonio made the following movies in 1985: Requiem por un campesino espanol (Requiem for a Spanish Peasant) which was his first starring role in a film, the musical La Corte del Fararon (The Court of the Pharoah) which he filmed alternately with Requiem, and Caso Cerrado. For his work in these three movies he is awarded the Silver Fotogramas award which is given annually and determined by popluar voting among the readers of Fotogramas magazine.

His first photos for Fotogramas were taken by photographer Hervé Timarché. "When I photographed him he had the face of a boy. He was very free with his body. He moved, he gesticulated, like the actors of the theater. He was clearly photogenic. In his last photos you see him with more weight, with more body. He brings out the attraction from within."

Antonio made his first trip to the United States (New York) in 1985 on behalf of The Ministry of Culture to promote the movies.